Affiliate Terms of Service

Last Modified: 16th September 2019

The following Terms and Conditions (T&C, Terms or Agreement) apply to your participation in the Affiliate Program offered by Wordify Pty Ltd (wordify, we, us, our) or any of our affiliated entities. The Affiliate Program (the Program) allows you (the Affiliate, your, you) to promote Wordify’s services and receive commissions as set out in this T&C. The Terms and Conditions incorporate by reference our Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) and our Privacy Policy.

How do I become an affiliate?

To participate in the Wordify affiliate program you will need to complete the wordify affiliate application form. Wordify will review all applications and will accept applications at our own discretion.

Affiliates are responsible for keeping Wordify updated on relevant information such as Billing Address, Contact Details and PayPal payment Id.

How Do Commissions Work?

Wordify will pay commission on each referred new service purchased from a customer that is referred to us by an active affiliate.

Wordify will consider a client as referred under the following conditions.

  • A client visits our website via an affiliates unique tracking url or an affiliate contacts us within 30 days of a new client signup claiming a referral. In the case of tracking URL’s the client is tracked using a cooking which will expire in 60 days. In the case that an affiliate contacts us to claim a referral the Client will be contacted and will be required to confirm the referral.
  • The referred client has not previously been referred by another affiliate.
  • The referred client does not have a previously existing account.
  • In the case a client is referred by multiple affiliates, the affiliate that most recently directed the customer will receive the commission.

Affiliate payments are subject to a 90 day Withholding Period. Withholding periods start on the day after the first payment is received for a service. Services on free trials are not counted as purchased until the first payment is received after a trial period has ended.

Payments will only be made where the referred client service is still Active at the end of the Withholding Period. Wordify may consider a client service Inactive at its discretion for a variety of reasons including but not limited to Suspected Fraudulent Behavior, Failed Payments, Payments have been Charged Back, Payment Methods have expired, Lack of account activity, Suspended or Cancelled services.

Affiliate payments can be requested once a minimum withdrawal limit of $50 USD has been reached. Affiliates will receive Payouts to the PayPal account nominated in their affiliate application.

Rules of Engagement

When advertising Wordify services affiliates must ensure they represent Wordify in a respectful manner. Affiliate accounts may be warned, suspended or terminated if they partake in any of the following activities

  • Promote Wordify via any illegal or SPAM method of advertising.
  • Promote themselves or Wordify by bidding on keywords containing the “Wordify” name or any copy on PPC or Pay Per Impression campaigns on Search engines including but not limited to Google, Bing, Yahoo or Ask without or prior written approval.
  • Using Wordify images or branding in a way the represent the Brand in a negative way.
  • Promote Wordify on a website which contains explicit material including media the could be deemed pornography or any media that contains lewd or offensive language including but not limited to hate speach, bigotry, racism, or anything deemed offensive by Wordify at our reasonable disgression.

Wordify reserve the right at our absolute discretion to decide if advertising is inappropriate for our brand. In the case that advertising is deemed by us as inappropriate an affiliate will be warned. In the case that inappropriate advertising is not ceased or removed we may suspend or terminate an affiliate account at our discretion.

Limit of Liability

The relationship of Affiliates to Wordify is that of an independent contract. Joining the Affiliate programme in no way constitutes a Partnership, Joint Venture, Agency or Employee relationship. Affiliates can in no way represent themselves as Wordify or incur liabilities or obligations on Wordify’s behalf. Conversely Wordify can in no way represent itself as an Afilliate or incur liabilities or Obligations on an affiliates behalf.

Affiliates agree to indemnify and hold harmless Wordify from any loss, liability, claim, damage and expense arising from their engagement with the Affiliate program. If an Affiliate is not satisfied with these terms and conditions then Affiliate must contact us to be removed from the programme.