Kickstart your WordPress projects with Wordify DevSites

Design, build, and launch your WordPress sites effortlessly. Wordify’s Free DevSites Hosting is your launchpad to a seamless development journey.

NPS Score

Top 5% of NPS scores for Managed WordPress Hosting providers

Global Data Centres

Across 4 regions on two separate Hyperscale Cloud Providers

Global CDN POPs

Our high speed global CDN ensures the fastest content delivery

Free Developer Hosting for WordPress

Collaborate in the Cloud

Bid farewell to local dev constraints. Share and refine your projects with teams and clients anytime, anywhere, thanks to our cloud-hosted platform.

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Go live quickly

Ready to go live? Upgrade your DevSite to a production hosting plan by adding a custom domain anytime. Experience a hassle-free deployment with no surprises, your site goes live exactly as you’ve built it.

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Earn As You Build

Transfer your sites to clients effortlessly, and enjoy a 300% commission on their first month’s charges. Your craftsmanship now comes with added financial rewards.

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What are DevSites?

DevSites is a free managed WordPress Hosting plan which can be used to develop WordPress sites. 

What's the catch? Why is it free?

DevSites sites are only for development purposes. We hope you’ll stick around and upgrade to our paid plans but there’s no obligation. 

How does this work with Wordify's Affiliate program?

You can use the Billing Transfer feature to transfer billing across to your client. You’ll automatically receive a commission of 3x the first months fees for every site you transfer.

How do I start?

Sign up for free HERE

Can I add my own custom domain?

Yes! You’ll just need to upgrade the site to one of our plans that supports custom domains. Prices start from $5 per site per month. 

What is Managed WordPress Hosting?

Managed WordPress Hosting allows you to host a WordPress website without having to worry about the technical details. As a managed hosting provider, Wordify takes care of a bunch of things on your behalf such as site speed, backups, security, updates and, of course, expert support when you need it.

Why Wordify

Managing WordPress Hosting Services has never been easier and faster than with the Wordify Dashboard.


Our customized WordPress stack on AWS and Google Cloud servers provides the fastest and most reliable platform possible.

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Security isn’t an optional extra. All our plans come with Protect AI, our WordPress full security suite which includes WAF, Antivirus + Malware scanning and more.

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WP Management

The Wordify DashBoard provides powerful tools to manage your WordPress site quickly and easily.

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Workflow Tools

WordPress developers love our workflow productivity tools like staging and templates which get them up and running fast.

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Customers love our support team. You’ll meet them when they migrate your site for free. In fact our support is so good we guarantee it.

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Wordify’s collaboration suite Teams allows agencies, freelancers and site owners to work together in real time to get more done.

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