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Step into the world of limitless WordPress hosting with Wordify Infinity. Designed for agencies, developers, and resellers seeking exceptional value, our scalable solution empowers you to host as many sites as needed. Benefit from the combined power and reliability of AWS and Google Cloud, delivering unbeatable speed and security for all your WordPress sites.

Turbocharge your website with lightning-fast speed, robust security, and the Infinity Plan. Simplify your online journey in 2024!

NPS Score

Top 5% of NPS scores for Managed WordPress Hosting providers

Global Data Centres

Across 4 regions on two separate Hyperscale Cloud Providers

Global CDN POPs

Our high speed global CDN ensures the fastest content delivery

AWS and Google Cloud. With great power comes great
speed, reliability and security.

Our customised WordPress stack on leading Cloud Service Providers delivers the fastest most reliable platform possible.

Only Pay for What you Need

Developers, agencies and resellers looking for amazing value hosting


Multiple Site WordPress Hosting


Additional Sites

Pay for the sites you need


Each additional Site comes with:

Additional Resources

Usage based billing means you only pay for the resources you need.

SSD Storage $0.50/GB

CDN Transfer

* We don’t limit the number of Monthly Visitors per site and this number is meant as a performance guide. Site performance can vary on how well the site is optimized. If you need more resources we can upgrade you on a per site basis.

Stop overpaying for unused capacity

No other hosting provider offers this degree of flexibility and scalability on pay-as-you-go pricing. You only pay for what you use and never overpay for unused capacity.

Monitor your site for malware and spam

Wordify monitors your site for malware 24 hours a day. That way, if something goes wrong, we fix it fast, automatically.

24×7 Support

We’re here for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with an average response time of 3 minutes 57 seconds. Customers love our support team. You’ll meet them when they migrate your site for free. In fact our support is so good we guarantee it.


What is Wordify Infinity?

Wordify Infinity is a great value Managed WordPress Hosting plan that enables you to host and manage all of the websites in your portfolio from one easy to use DashBoard. If you have 3 sites or more this is the plan for you.

Why would I want a pay-as-you-go hosting plan?

Most hosting plans force you to buy bigger plans than you need by cutting you off when you hit resource limits or charging enormous overage costs which means you pay for more than you need to. With Pay-as-you-go pricing from Wordify Infinity our pooled resources and low incremental usage costs mean you only pay for what you need and use.

What's the difference between overages and usage based billing?

The pricing for overages is typically designed as a penalty to encourage upgrading to the next plan. Our usage-based charges provide great value because with Infinity, there is no next plan, regardless of whether you have 5 or 5000 sites.

Wait, does this mean I don't need to talk to someone in sales when I reach my plan limit?

Exactly, there is no plan limit. 

Can I choose a different location for each site?

Yes! Since we don’t consolidate all of your sites into a single VPS, you have the flexibility to choose any location you desire for each new site you incorporate. When you add sites in the same location, we distribute them across various clusters and data centers, also known as availability zones.

What is Managed WordPress Hosting?

Managed WordPress Hosting allows you to host a WordPress website without having to worry about the technical details. As a managed hosting provider, Wordify takes care of a bunch of things on your behalf such as site speed, backups, security, updates and, of course, expert support when you need it.

Premium features.
All the plans. All the time.

Workflow Tools

Wordify’s workflow tools are designed to help you get more done in less time. Save time.

Builtin Security

WAF + Realtime Malware Scanner and Auto updated makes sure your site stay safe and secure.

24x7 Support

24×7 Support with an average response of 3m 57s backed by a 1 hour response time SLA.

Why Wordify

Managing WordPress Hosting Services has never been easier and faster than with the Wordify Dashboard.


Our customized WordPress stack on AWS and Google Cloud servers provides the fastest and most reliable platform possible.

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Security isn’t an optional extra. All our plans come with Protect AI, our WordPress full security suite which includes WAF, Antivirus + Malware scanning and more.

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WP Management

The Wordify DashBoard provides powerful tools to manage your WordPress site quickly and easily.

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Workflow Tools

WordPress developers love our workflow productivity tools like staging and templates which get them up and running fast.

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Customers love our support team. You’ll meet them when they migrate your site for free. In fact our support is so good we guarantee it.

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Wordify’s collaboration suite Teams allows agencies, freelancers and site owners to work together in real time to get more done.

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Support so good we
backed it with an SLA

Our SLA covers support response time which won’t ever be longer than 1 hour, or your money back!

3m 54s

Average Human Response time
September – 2023


Customer Satisfaction
September – 2023

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