Wordify Affiliate Program

Recommend Wordify, Get Rewarded

The Wordify Affiliate Program is our way of saying thanks for all the customers you’re sending our way. We get that our fantastic support and reliable and fast hosting are the main reasons, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t get rewarded.

For every new service of every customer you send our way we’ll pay you 300% of the first months payment with no caps whatsoever!

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How much do I earn?

You will get paid 300% of the first months payment for the service you refer. For example, if you sign up a customer paying $250 a month you will be paid a commision of $750!

When do I get paid?

There is a 90 day holding period from the day the service commences before you get paid out.

If I use the “Transfer Site” option, do I still get commision?

Yes! In fact so long as you’re a registered affiliate it will happen automatically.