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Wordify CDN Optimizer is a one-click simple solution to providing optimized content via our CDN, including automatic WebP conversion and dynamic image resizing.

CDN Optimizer Features:

  • Automatic WebP conversion without the need for plugins or image duplication. Reduce image size by up to 80% and make your site fly.
  • Smart Image Optimization which dynamically resizes, adjusts and compresses images based on the end-user device.
  • Minify CSS and Javascript Automatically compress and minify your CSS and JavaScript files to maximize
    website load speeds!
  • CDN Edge Delivery – All optimizations are performed at the CDN edge nodes in 112 locations to provide maximum offloaded processing, keeping your source site speedy.

Reducing image size has long been a recognised way of speeding up sites by reducing file sizes. While there are many WebP solutions for WordPress out there sometimes they can be difficult to get running in the most optimized way.

CDN Optimizer provides a very simple one-click solution to enable this on sites already utilizing the Wordify CDN.

Learn more about the Features and Pricing here.

Learn how to enable CDN Optimizer here.

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