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We are excited to announce that PHP 8.2 is now available on Wordify. This new update brings a multitude of improvements and bug fixes, particularly in the realm of performance. Let’s explore some of the highlights of this release and how they can benefit your WordPress sites.

tl;dr PHP 8.2 continues to improve performance and function support on the heels of PHP 8.1. While not all WordPress plugins support 8.2 yet, the vast majority do. We recommend testing and upgrading as soon as possible.

Preparing for the upgrade

Before upgrading to PHP 8.2, it’s crucial to take some preparatory steps:

Backup: Before making any significant changes such as an upgrade, it’s essential to backup all your important data. This includes your website files, databases, and any configuration settings.

Check Compatibility: Ensure that your plugins and themes are compatible with PHP 8.2. You can do this by checking the official PHP 8.2 documentation and the WordPress plugin compatibility lists.

How do I upgrade to PHP 8.2?

Changing the PHP version on Wordify is simple. Follow these steps to upgrade to PHP 8.2:

  1. Login to your my.wordify Account
  2. Click edit on the site you’d like to change
  3. Go to Hosting > PHP
  4. Click edit next to the PHP version and select 8.2 (note the current version for potential rollback needs)
  5. Test your site for any issues.
  6. In the event of any problems with the latest version, you can follow the above steps to roll back PHP to the previous version you recorded in step 4.

Please note, it can take a few minutes for the changes to deploy fully. Therefore, we recommend testing your site a few times over the course of 10 minutes, including logging in.

The upgrade to PHP 8.2 can bring numerous improvements and features that can enhance your website performance. However, always remember to follow the necessary steps before and after the upgrade to ensure a smooth transition.

What’s new in PHP 8.2

For the vast majority of our customers, the main takeways are that 8.2 brings numerous performance improvements as well a whole host of bug fixes.

If you’re interested in learning more about what’s new check out these links:


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