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Learning WordPress just got even easier. Before, you would need to invest both time and money in order to get access to good learning materials. There are a few free ones, but you really need to watch out for the value versus the time it takes you to learn.

The fact that many traditional opportunities to learn WordPress were usually in-person events at meetups or conferences doesn’t help. With the pandemic around, you may want to sit back in the comfort of your homes rather than attempt to go outside and risk getting infected.

Fortunately, there’s no need for such difficulties now. WordPress has officially launched the all-new Learn WordPress platform. Let’s see what this new platform has to offer…

What is Learn WordPress?

Learn WordPress is a new learning platform from the WordPress community itself. The creators envision this platform to be a resource platform providing various workshops, quizzes, courses, lesson plans, and discussion groups for anyone to learn more about WordPress.

What is the Learn WordPress platform?

The resources you can find here are for all types of WordPress users — from beginners to advanced. In addition, anyone can access the resources for free and learn asynchronously at their own pace.

Note, however, that you will need to create an account (for free) to be able to track your progress.

There are four basic types of materials in Learn WordPress:

  • Workshops
  • Discussion groups
  • Lesson plans
  • Courses


Workshops are videos that show how to do a particular task in WordPress. All of these videos are practical and skills-based as well as easy to follow and understand. The videos feel like Zoom meetings with the facilitator.

Most of the workshops also have accompanying quizzes to help cement the new learnings.

Discussion groups

Getting together in discussion groups is a good way to encourage learners to further collaborate their learning with other participants. Learners can meet together to discuss the content of the workshop. All meetups are online and can be done either through video calls or in Slack.

Lesson plans

As for lesson plans, they help facilitators present the topic better. Topis are provided as well as descriptions, and objectives. Assets are also given to further improve the discussion on the topic. There are also notes, exercises, and assessment questions (and answers) for the workshop.


Courses are a series of interconnected lesson plans that are certain to help the learners apply their skills in the real world.

Any learner can either go through the course-route and learn the central topic strategically and logically. The other option is through the workshop-route since everything in the courses can be found in the workshops.

As of the moment, there are only two courses available — “Publishing with WordPress” and “Unleashing the Power of WordPress”.

The first one serves as an introduction to the basics of publishing with WordPress. It will help the learner get his or her website off the ground. The second one is more advanced and is designed to teach the learner about the more technical aspects of running a WordPress website.

Regarding the content that will be made available on the platform, WordPress community manager Hugh Lashbrooke wrote…

In addition to the wealth of valuable content available on Learn WordPress, the platform provides an opportunity for individuals to learn alongside other community members and become connected with a global network of WordPress users, developers, and contributors.

How to join Learn WordPress?

Learn WordPress is free for everyone. Should you decide to participate as a learner, you can simply visit the website and take it from there. Feel free to create an account so you will be able to make the most out of Learn WordPress.

If you know WordPress inside-out and wish to participate with the program by adding value, you can also create content for the platform. Learn WordPress suggested a few ways for you to contribute including…

  • Submitting a workshop idea (any related topic, for any level of experience, in any language)
  • Apply to become a discussion group facilitator or even organize another discussion group for local learners in your area
  • Contribute to the lesson plans

There’s a weekly meetup with the training team every Friday at 11:00 UTC and Tuesday at 17:00 UTC in Slack. Make sure to learn more about how to get started as a contributor to the training team.

Learn WordPress is a wonderful gift from the WordPress training and marketing team. With this platform, various people around the world will be able to learn more about how to use the platform without having to spend money on expensive word camps and events.

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