WP-CLI Terminal

Discover the ease of WordPress management with Wordify’s WP-CLI Terminal. Our streamlined, web-based interface integrates directly with your dashboard, offering a faster, more intuitive way to handle WordPress sites. Available on all hosting plans, it’s designed to make your development process smoother and more efficient.

Harness WP-CLI's Powerful Capabilities

Whether you’re fine-tuning a single site or managing multiple projects, the WP-CLI Terminal provides the robust features you need to execute tasks quickly and accurately from a command line. Wordify’s WP-CLI Terminal isn’t just about easy access; it’s a powerhouse of functionality. From advanced site updates to user management and database optimization, this tool empowers you with the capabilities to tackle complex tasks effortlessly. 

Streamline Your Workflow

Embrace a new level of convenience with Wordify’s WP-CLI Terminal. This feature integrates directly into your Wordify dashboard, eliminating the need for separate tools or interfaces. Manage plugins, update themes, and handle site maintenance with a few simple commands. It’s about making your development workflow as seamless and efficient as possible, saving you time and effort on every task.


What is WP-CLI?

WP-CLI is a command line tool for managing WordPress sites. It’s an official WordPress.org project, you can get more info HERE

Is WP-CLI included on the Free DevSites?

Yes! WP-CLI is included on all plans. 

What can I do with WP-CLI?

WP-CLI has a huge array of powerful features including, updating and installing plugins, managing users, viewing config info and much much more. Try ‘wp help’ to get started. 

How do I use WP-CLI Terminal?

Easy. Go to Manage Site > WordPress > WP-CLI