Simple pricing with fair billing


Good value plan for small sites
to get you started with WordPress.

5000 Visits / Month

5GB Storage


Per site/month


Perfect for growing
businesses with more traffic

25000 Visits / Month

10GB Storage


Per site/month


For busy complex sites
that need more

250000 Visits / Month

20GB Storage


Per site/month

03Hourly billing

Your sites are billed by the hour for the time you use.

03Post Paid Account

You don’t pay us until your customers have paid you.

03Payment methods

Pay with Visa, Mastercard or Amex with no additional fees.

* = Limited time introductory offer, valid for the life of service

All prices are in USD and exclude any VAT or sales tax

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What does Managed WordPress Hosting mean?

At Wordify it means that your WordPress site will run at full speed, at all times, without you having to worry about the infrastructure it runs on. We manage the servers, scaling automatically to meet your needs so you can focus on producing great content.

Q: What is a Site Visit?

At Wordify a Site Visit is an end user of your site accessing your site on a given day. We calculate a Visit as a unique ip address that accesses your site in a 24 hour period.

Q: Is there any contract or lock-in period?

No, none! Infact we bill by the hour so you won’t pay for an hour longer than you need.

Q: Do you include Bots in your Visit count?

No, We don’t include Visits from common Bot’s in your Visit count because they aren’t your customers.

Q: Will you help me migrate my site?

Yes, We will take care of your migration to Wordify to ensure that you don’t have any issues or downtime.

Q: Where are your servers located?

We exclusively use AWS and Google Cloud Platform for our infrastructure. You can choose which Region and Data Center your site will be deployed in from their available locations.


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