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With so many teams working from home, remote collaboration is more important than ever before. Wordify Teams is our latest feature that brings a secure and flexible user access system to enable collaboration across your WordPress sites. Wordify Teams lets you collaborate with team members within your organization as well as work with 3rd parties.

For a more in-depth walk through on how teams works, please check out our Wordify Teams Help section.

What does Wordify Teams allow me to do?

Wordify Teams is a flexible way of adding users so you can:

  • Add Users as Team Members so they can manage all your sites and create new sites
  • Invite a Collaborator to your team to work only the specific sites you want them to have access to
  • Multi-Team switching makes it easy to manage hundreds of sites across multiple organizations
  • Grant billing access for Invoice and payment method admin

What Roles are available that I can assign to users?

Wordify Teams has four roles available which are:

  • Owner – Full access to everything and the default access level for single-user accounts
  • Team Member – Access to all sites within the Team, as well as the ability to add new sites
  • Collaborator – Grant access to individual sites within your Team
  • Billing – Access to invoices and payment methods

Why is Wordify Teams a BETA?

While this is fully functional and secure we’ve labelled this BETA as we plan to make this even better based on your feedback. As Wordify Teams is built to support the way you work, we’d love to hear feedback on any way we can improve it to better support you, your team and your workflow.

How much does Wordify Teams cost?

Wordify Teams is free!

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