Rapid Object Backups – Faster WordPress Backups

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WordPress Backups on Wordify (and, more importantly, restores) just got much much faster. 

Whether it’s an accidentally deleted post or an overwritten functions.php file, backup restore times are critical because they’re only needed when something has gone wrong.

Our all new Rapid Object Backup (ROB) utilizes AWS S3 and Google Cloud Storage to significantly increase backup restore speeds, up to 100x in some cases. 

Wordify Rapid Object Backup Feature Highlights:

  1. Up to 100x faster WordPress backup and restores
  2. Object-based  S3 backup system
  3. Creates the platform for future enhancement to the manual and backup download feature
Rapid Object Backup’s have been rolled out to all existing customers on all plans for no additional charge.

Our manual and download backup features will also receive some enhancements over the coming weeks empowered by ROB. More to follow. 

Is it time for a better WordPress host?

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