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We’re super excited to share with you our newest WordPress Hosting Unlimited site plans starting at just $29 per month. That’s right, plans which have no limit on the number of sites you can add!*

Why are WordPress unlimited site hosting plans better for me?

Simple, better value. Most Managed WordPress Hosting companies impose a limit on the number of sites you can host at one time. This means you might not be able to use up all the storage or other resources you’re paying for.

We thought that seemed unfair and so Unlimted Plans were born. We do still have storage, and visitor limits, but it means if you have lots of small/medium sites these plans will be heaps better value for you.

What if I only have a single site?

No problem, we still have our single-site hosting plans and now they start from just $7 per month! Yes, AWS hosted, fully managed WordPress Hosting from only $7 per month. What a time to be alive.

*= Storage and visit limits do still apply

Is it time for a better WordPress host?

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