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As PHP 7.4 approaches it’s End of Life date on November the 28th 2022 we wanted to explain how Wordify’s extended support works and what that means to your hosting.

TL;DR – Wordify will be offering Extended Support for PHP 7.4 for 6 months Free of charge. After that, there will be a paid option for support for another 6 months for those sites that can’t move to PHP 8.0 yet. We strongly recommend moving to PHP 8.0 as soon as possible.

Wordify PHP Extended Support Schedule

PHP VersionPHP End of LifeFree Support Expires Paid Support Expires
7.428th Nov ’2228th May ’2328th Nov ’23
8.026th Nov ’2326th May ’2426th Nov ’24
8.125th Nov ’24TBC TBC
8.2Not yet released

What does End of Life (EOL) mean?

End of Life generally means the date when vendors no longer provide support or updates for a particular version. Specifically, in the context of PHP, it’s the date on which PHP security updates stop being provided.

What benefits does PHP 8.0 have for WordPress?

In a nutshell:

  1. Active Support and security updates from the PHP community
  2. Better Performance – The new JIT compiler can be 3x faster in some cases.
  3. Better Syntax and a whole host of other development improvements

Here are the full PHP 8.0 release notes

Will my WordPress site be PHP 8.0 compatible?

WordPress has supported PHP 8.0 since WordPress 5.6 – Unfortunately, some plugin and theme developers took a lot longer to develop PHP 8.0 support. Sadly some themes and plugins that are no longer actively developed won’t support it at all.

In Wordify you can use the Hosting > PHP Manager option to switch to PHP 8.0 to test it out. Before you do, make sure all your plugins and themes are fully up to date.

How do I make my WordPress site compatible with PHP 8.0?

First up it’s worth speaking to the developer of your plugin or theme that’s not compatible to ask when they will be making their plugin PHP 8.0 compatible.

If after speaking with your developer you’re unable to get the development help you need, Wordify’s Professional Services may be able to help. Contact us if you would like to know more.

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