How to Embed a Vimeo video in your WordPress site

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If you are wondering why you should Embedding video from a streaming service rather than uploading it to the WordPress Media Library here is and article explaing the benefits How to add video to WordPress.

Embed a Vimeo video

This How To guide will show you how to Embed your Vimeo video in WordPress just like this one.

Embedding a Vimeo video in WordPress

  1. After creating a Vimeo account Upload video to Vimeo

    Simply drag and drop your video or select “or choose a file” find and upload your video to VimeoUpload Video to Vimeo

  2. Get a coffee

    Depending on the size of the video it can take some time to upload and optimise your video. The video will display but look out of focus until the process is complete.Video Uploading To Vimeo

  3. Retrieve your Vimeo link

    Once to upload is complete click on the link option and copy the url to your video. You will need this to add it to WordPress.Vimeo Video URL

  4. Edit your WordPress post

    Open the WordPress post you want to add your Video to in the Block editor. I’ve used a new install on Wordify using the TwentyTwentyone theme and I’m editing the Hello World post.Edit Hello World Post

  5. Insert Vimeo Block

    Press the + to insert a new block and search for “Vimeo” blockInsert Vimeo Block

  6. Add Video URL

    Next the block will ask you for the video URL that you copied earlier from Video. Enter the URL and you are done.Add Vimeo URL to Vimeo Block

  7. Save the post and you’re done

    That’s it your done. Sit back and admire your work 🙂Vimeo video uploaded to WordPress

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