Fixed: Elementor Broken After 3.6.0 Upgrade – PHP Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Class ‘Elementor\Scheme_Typography’ not found

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Are you seeing your theme displaying blank after upgrading Elementor to 3.6.0 Or Are you seeing this error on your WordPress site:

PHP Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Class 'Elementor\Scheme_Typography' not found

We have had a large number of customers report this one recently so thought we would explain it here. Fortunately, this issue is reasonably straight forward. If you look further back in your error logs you should see the following

Deprecated: Elementor\Scheme_Typography is deprecated since version 2.8.0!

When you see deprecation messages it means that a function or class is now obsolete and it will be removed in a future release of the code. In this case Elementor has removed Elementor\Scheme_Typography in version 3.6.0 and when the upgrade was released or you auto upgraded to it this error started to occur.

Fix Part 1 : Rollback to Elementor 3.5.6

The quickest way to get your site operational again is to roll back to Elementor 3.5.6. You can use the inbuilt Elementor version control to roll back.

You can find the Version Control in Elementor >> Tools >> Version Control

To update your Elementor Version, simply head over to the “Elementor” page and click on the “Tools” then the “Version Control” tab and choose 3.5.6 from the drop down then click “Save Changes”.

Elementor Version Control
Elementor Version Control

That’s it your site should be back and operational again. If your still seeing problems check to make sure any page caches you are running are cleared. If you are still seeing problems check your error log to see if there are different errors occurring now.

YOUR JOB ISN’T DONE YET. Please read Part 2 to complete the task.

Fix Part #2: Remove Deprecated Code

Ok the reason you are here is because a plugin or theme you are relying up uses the Deprecated code ‘Elementor\Scheme_Typography’ which has now been removed in Elementor 3.6.0. If you are using a theme or plugin that someone else built you need to contact support and report the issue so they can fix the code. If this is your code the solution is in the deprecation message

Deprecated: Elementor\Scheme_Typography is deprecated since version 2.8.0!Deprecated: Elementor\Scheme_Typography is deprecated since version 2.8.0! Use Elementor\Core\Schemes\Typography instead.

To fix this issue you need to find your references to Elementor\Scheme_Typography and change them to Elementor\Core\Schemes\Typography. Once you have done that you can allow Elementor to upgrade again.

Handy Elementor Links

When you are diagnosing issues regarding Elementor here are some handy links that can help

Let us know in the comments if this fix worked for you.

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